Can I help you?

Since I made my last post, I’ve had the opportunity to talk to lots of Moms, friends and family about being a  “help”  to each other and have learned a few things.  When I refer to “help” here, I’m talking about physically being there and providing a helping hand or a word of encouragement. I’m not talking about advice or words of wisdom, we’ll save that for another day.

Being a help and a good support means something different to everyone. Some people think of it as jumping right in, getting their hands dirty and taking over the situation. The next person feels that by moving on and getting out of the way, they’re being helpful. But the majority of us fall somewhere in the middle, wanting to help, but not really sure how and not wanting to intrude.

Lots of us are scared to offer help in case we do something wrong, and just as many of us are scared to accept help as we question the intention behind it.  Reality is, we all have really good intentions and are wanting to do the best for each other, and we need to remember that. I think it’s important to look beyond ourselves and give support when needed and accept it freely when offered. (And frankly, it’s just as hard to accept help sometimes too).

We  need to make ourselves available to others … just walk up and say a simple phrase, “Can I help you?” If you need it, take it at face value and accept the gift they’re offering. If you don’t need it, say ‘No, thank-you” and leave it at that.

I’m hopeful that we’ll all start knocking down our own walls and start doing better for others. That’s my hope anyways.

One thought on “Can I help you?

  1. Lynn October 18, 2011 at 5:56 pm Reply

    Hey April!

    I just had to comment since I was here reading anyway.

    It’s hard to explain this, exactly, but I’ll tell you a story:

    I was at Millenium, on the bikes, watching the “Moms & Tots” group. And I gotta tell you, I was having a great time. It made me so happy to see the kidlets running about, almost getting bopped in the head by mom as she did a leg lift or stepped off the step. One little girl shut the music off…it was so cute.

    So the point is that yes, I might laugh and stare, but it’s more of a “comrade-in-arms” kind of thing. I’m not judging, just hoping that you have more patience and grace then I did when I shared the “mommy” bench.

    Anyway, it’s a hard job, but a rewarding one.

    And, don’t forget to be kind to your schoolbus driver!

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