The Road to Skinny … Scales Suck

I don’t know why a number on a scale determines our value. Why can the slightest change, good or bad determine how we feel about ourselves? Why is our reaction to that number INSTANT? If you’ve lost, you immediately focus on how much farther you need to go. If you’ve gained, you spend the next few days beating yourself up for messing up your diet. Why can’t we just look at the number, accept what we see and then continue pressing forward? Why do we torture ourselves?

I had completely stopped weighing myself and was just judging my progress by how my clothes fit. But I’ve now joined a weightless challenge and am measuring my progress every week. I’m still losing but I hate having to face those numbers every week. On one hand it’s nice to have a number to gauge my progress, but I still don’t like that I have to stare at something that marks every bad eating choice that I’ve ever made. It’s also hard watching all of my “teammates” as they go through the same emotions. Some refuse to weigh themselves until they feel like they’ve achieved something. Some are totally defeated and are ready to give up after viewing the dreaded numbers. Some smile. Some laugh. Some cry. It is just so very wrong. That number does not determine my worth. I “KNOW” that and I cannot wait until I “FEEL” it. My hope is that everyone going through this journey with me will also feel it sooner than later.

I’m happy to report that I’m now down 48 lbs and am only 2 lbs from crossing a significant number on my stupid scale. For now, I hold on to my success and I will ignore the distance that I still have to travel.

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One thought on “The Road to Skinny … Scales Suck

  1. emilyecrain October 8, 2012 at 8:32 pm Reply

    I identify with this! I’ve been trying to lose my school weight, and the numbers don’t get smaller as quickly as I would like 😦

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