A is for Awesome


1. inspiring awe: an awesome sight.

Every now and then you meet someone and feel an instant connection. You don’t really know each other all that well, but something about the way you talk and laugh and joke around just feels right. On the surface, you have nothing in common but quickly realize that you’re more similiar than you realized. No, this isn’t a love story but a tribute to someone that is doing something REALLY big.

This fabulous person is named Jen Banks. She’s been my Twitter friend for about the last year or so and she is crazy AWESOME.

She’s smart. And funny. And kind. And as of this moment, is making waves in Social Media, Newspapers, Radio and Magazines. She is the lady behind Make Jen’s Day, an idea that went viral and has become an inspiration to many. If you haven’t heard the story, you can read the post that started it all here. A need was shared, Jen responded and something awe-inspiring happened. In 4 days, 115 acts of kindess and giving happened.  How awesome is that?

What I so appreciate about Jen and what she started is that she’s not letting it stop. She has started a Twitter account and will have a website up and running in the very near future. Her little idea has sparked something in a lot of different people and it needs to continue on. Thankfully Jen has recognized that and is investing her time and resources to make that happen. If you follow Make Jen’s Day on Twitter, you’ll receive daily inspirations and ideas on how to spread the love. You’ll meet like-minded people that are going out of their way to lift up and help others. You will be encouraged.

Sometimes,  all we need is a little reminder to step outside of ourselves and share some goodness. Thanks Jen for kicking us in the butt and inspiring us to do better.

You are awesome!

Follow this link to see  Jen say “Thank-You”. 


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