F is for Favourites

It was time for me to write my “F” post and I couldn’t think of anything outside of swear words so I went to Twitter for some help. Within about 11 seconds, I received a tonne of awesome ideas.  Friends, Fun, French Fries, Friday, Frankenstein, Forks, Fingers, Flatulence, Freedom, Falafel, Fencing, and the Force. As “fabulous” as all of those were, none of them “felt” right. Then someone suggested writing about “My Favourite Things” a la Martha Stewart. A “flashbulb” went off and I knew that was it.

My first 2 go without saying, but I’m going to say them anyways.

~ As cheesy as it sounds, my first favourite thing is my Husband. He has been my constant for the last 20 years. He’s made me a better me and a better Mom. He’s more than my best friend. He’s my everything.

~ My kids. They have challenged me and shaped me. They are beautiful and annoying at the exact same moment. They’ve made me laugh and they’ve made me cry. They truly are my pride and joy.

Enough Mush … here’s the fun stuff.  These aren’t in any particular order, just know that they’re all awesome and that you should give them a try.

1.  Prosciutto Wrapped Mozzarella Balls at Famoso’s.   Be sure to go and visit them in Sherwood Park. Fabulous atmosphere and service. Yummy Cheesy Balls.

2.  Target. I love this store, and literally count the days between our bi-annual shopping trips. I am SO happy that they will soon be joining us in Canada. Please, please don’t be a less interesting Canadian version. I want the big red bullseye of wonderfulness.

3.  My iphone and ipad. I couldn’t choose just one.

4.  Our timeshare in Fairmont. It’s the vacation spot that my kids have enjoyed since they were babies. It’s the place where I go to do “nothing”.

5.  Restoration Hardware. I drool over their catalogues and wander the store, while pretending to live there. If only everything didn’t cost a bazillion dollars.

6.  Scalp Massages. I could lay there for hours and hours and hours while someone massaged my brain. It is heavenly.

7.  Hemp Hand Protector from The Body Shop. Pretty much the only lotion that doesn’t burn my hands. It smells like weeds but it works amazingly well. It’s also on sale right now if anyone is thinking about getting me a gift.

8.  Garden Fresh Mango Peach Salsa. Oh. My. Goodness. As I bonus, I buy it at Costco, which could also have a space on this list.

9.  Heinz Ketchup. Ketchup goes on everything. And if it isn’t Heinz, it’s not ketchup. Don’t even try to tell me otherwise.

10. My Home. If I could find a way to never leave my house, I would do it in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, I don’t have quite enough “hermit” in me, so I have to get out every now and again.

I could make this list go on for days but I’ll force myself to stop there. What are some of your favourite things? Please share them so we can all experience something new and fabulous. Maybe your favourite things will make it on to my next list.

This post is Day 8 of the Summer Blog Challenge

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2 thoughts on “F is for Favourites

  1. Christina August 8, 2012 at 3:37 pm Reply

    I love this list! We like a lot of the same things. 🙂

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