Q is for Quiet

As I sit here in my quiet house with everyone safely tucked in bed, I feel peace. It’s one thing to know it, but it’s a whole other thing to actually “feel” it. The quiet is letting me feel it again, and I really needed that.


My family and I are going through some big stuff, and I hate it. My husband and I are having to wrestle with some really big questions and forever kinda decisions. Big stuff. We are literally fighting for lives and it’s been more than overwhelming. Fear and worry have started to root themselves in our minds, and I’m so not used that.

But as I’m able to just sit and think, I know it’s going to be okay. We are strong enough. We do have the skills needed to deal with this. Our hearts ARE more than big enough. We were given these challenges for a reason, and we WILL defeat them.

So as I come to my peaceful place, I hope that you too are able to find your “quiet”.  Be strong and keep pressing forward. 

This post is Day 19 of the Summer Blog Challenge – 31 posts in 31 Days

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