U is for Up

My summer has been rough. It’s been a time filled with unknowns and some pretty scary stuff. It has become tiring and monotonous and blah. So today,  I’m moving on and changing my focus. No more looking at my circumstance, no more looking down, no more looking back …  it’s time to look UP.

If you’re in the same place and feeling the same things as me, please feel free to jump on my rainbow train. It’s time to ignore the crap and nonsense in your life and turn your eyes to the skies. Who’s in?

Now let’s all celebrate our new way of thinking with a Shania Twain dance party.


This post is Day 23 of the Summer Blog Challenge – 31 posts in 31 Days

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One thought on “U is for Up

  1. shandracarlson August 23, 2012 at 11:23 pm Reply

    A rainbow train AND a dance party all in one blog? You sure you’re all right girlfriend? I’m in! Love ya.

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