V is for Vomit

I’m not sure that you’re ever really prepared for it. I don’t even think they talk about it in all the baby books and really, it should have its own chapter.

It all starts out innocently. Cute little baby spit-up that you can just wipe up with the cutesy little burp cloth. In a couple of months, you notice that the small spit-up seems to have more substance. You now find it all over your shoulders, down the front of your shirt, and more than likely all over your friends when they give your baby a cuddle. Still though, it’s not a big deal, you can just wipe it all away and go back to loving your little one.

Then one day, you’re sitting there enjoying time with your kids, or going for a nice drive in the family car. And out of the blue, with little to no warning, the vomiting starts. I’m not talking about a little bit, I’m talking about an amount that is quadruple the size of your small child. Where exactly does that all of that come from, and why does it have to happen in your vehicle, in the summer, when you’re 2 hours away from home? Why is that?

And it really doesn’t get better as your kids get bigger. They still get sick, but now they can walk, and they “try” to get to the bathroom but instead end up throwing up all the way down the hallway. You now have a vomit slip-n-slide that you don’t notice until you yourself have slidden half way down the hallway. It’s now 3am, and you have to figure out a way to clean it all up without  joining in on the barfing fiesta that has become your life.

Thankfully our babies arrive all cute, and cuddly and sweet. They don’t arrive with warning labels or mention of the nastiness that is about to start escaping their little bodies. I think that their cute packaging just might be a trap.


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