Just keep swimming … Ideally

Well, week two has come to a close, and I’m still heading in the right direction. Down.

I’m losing an average of 1 pound and 1 inch every day. Not too shabby. At all.

Overall, it’s going really well and it’s pretty easy to follow. It’s not EASY by any means as I am giving up a whole lot of yummy tastiness, but it’s very doable. I’m still not exercising which I know I need to do but for now, I’m going to focus more on switching my brain to not eating crap and fast food anything. That’s enough for me. For now.

People have been asking what I’m actually eating in a day, so here’s a quick rundown.

Breakfast … You get one Ideal Protein item of your choice. I always have the Cappucino drink mixed up in my shaker cup with water and a bunch of ice. I really like it. You can also have a cup of coffee if you’d like.

Lunch … You get one Ideal Protein pack of your choice. I’ve tried a bunch of different things and usually just have a pre-made shake. I also make a huge salad with a bunch of veggies. (You get unlimited lettuce at lunch and 2 cups of vegetables). For dressing, I just use a mix of olive oil, vinegar, salt & pepper. Or I use Salsa because I love it.

Supper … You get to eat with your family, so no Protein Packs. I make some kind of meat, and then have another huge salad and veggies. (Again, unlimited lettuce and 2 cups of veggies for supper as well). I’ve been making stir-fry’s, lettuce wraps, etc.

Snacks … If I get hungry during the day, I’ll snack on Dill pickles, cucumbers or celery. In the evening, you also get one of the restricted Ideal Protein foods. (They’re restricted because you’re only allowed one of them per day). My favourite are the Southwest Cheese Curls. They’re spicy and yummy, and you get a nice big bag of them. They really do taste great, and I feel like I’m getting a “chip-like” treat when I eat them.

Throughout the day, I drink copious amounts of water as I’m a very, very thirsty girl. I bought myself a Coke Zero the other day, had two drinks and dumped it out. Surprisingly, it didn’t taste nearly as good as I thought it should. And I had a tiny little bit of guilt drinking it … if I’m going to do this, I’m going to do it properly. I’ve spent years only partially taking care of myself, and this time, I’m going all the way.

I’m feeling great, and the changes are already obvious. All of those little things make this journey a little bit easier and are helping to keep me motivated. I still want cupcakes and icing, but thankfully, I want healthy just a little bit more.

IF YOU WANT TO JOIN ME ON THIS ADVENTURE, PLEASE CONTACT MY COACHES HERE. Be sure to let them know that April sent you. 

Small Disclaimer at Bottom of Post: I am being compensated for sharing my Ideal Protein story with you.

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One thought on “Just keep swimming … Ideally

  1. Alex H June 24, 2013 at 1:22 pm Reply

    Awesome share…….Just awesome.

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