Protein is my Friend, but I want a Cupcake.

Well, I’m into week three and still cruising along. I’m losing pounds and inches and will share those numbers with you next week at my one month check-in. Think happy “lighter” thoughts for me.  🙂

Overall, things are going well, but this week I noticed that I’m starting to miss things. I’m trying to not focus on them or think about them, but I’m finding it rather annoying. I want to just eat nachos and would kill for an Iced Capp, but instead I drink water. I want cheese and toast more than words can even describe, but instead I eat my Jell-O. 

I want out of this body and into a new one, so I keep pressing on. This is hard, but I know I’m heading in the right direction and that is what I’m holding onto. (Even though I’d rather be holding onto a piece of pizza at this moment).

I’m still amazed at how NOT hungry I am, and how much better I feel. My head is clearer than it’s ever been, and I’m starting to be able to see the changes in my face and body. I’m also needing to buy new clothes and especially underwear as I’m not a real fan of having to hold my underwear up while I walk. My plan is to wait until I lose 50 pounds before I do a big shopping spree though, but will have to give in and buy underwear before then.

My one complaint is that I’m having a hard time sleeping. I sleep on my side, and now that I’ve lost about 10 inches off my waist, I feel like I’m falling over. Seems so stupid, but it’s true. I’ve got to shove body pillows all around me so I feel steady and don’t keep leaning over. It’s such a strange problem to have, but I’ll take it.

I’ve managed to not cheat at all …. well, kinda. This weekend we had a Canada Day party and there were cupcakes, chocolate ones with lots of icing. They were beautiful and looked so good, but I didn’t have any. Instead, I had a glass of Coke Zero. I admit it, I failed this week but I’m okay with the choice I made and I’m fairly confident that I’ll end up making that same choice again.

So now we keep on keeping on … the Road to Skinny and Healthy continues.  Thanks for following along.


IF YOU WANT TO JOIN ME ON THIS ADVENTURE, PLEASE CONTACT MY COACHES HERE. Be sure to let them know that April sent you. 

Small Disclaimer at Bottom of Post: I am being compensated for sharing my Ideal Protein story with you.

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2 thoughts on “Protein is my Friend, but I want a Cupcake.

  1. Alex H July 3, 2013 at 12:51 am Reply

    Awesome……..Just Awesome Share.I love it.Looking forward for more.Alex,Thanks.

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