Who’s Guiding Who?

I know that everyone is really sick of the whole Miley Cyrus uproar and frankly, so am I. There are way more important things going on in the world, and our focus SHOULD be on those things. Instead, we focus on a celebrity and her supposed downfall. AND we try to blame her for corrupting our children.

Oh, Please.

I didn’t enjoy her performance at the VMA’s, and yes, I thought it was inappropriate. I think it took away from the real talent that she truly is. She has a great voice and she’s a great performer. What “that” was, I’ve got no idea, but I don’t believe that it truly reflected “her”.

Would I have chosen to behave that way on stage? Absolutely not. Would I be proud of my children for acting that way, nope. Did I tell my children that her performance was inappropriate for a young lady? I most certainly did. What I didn’t do was call her a slut, whore, pig, skank, dirty cow, etc.

Those are names that I’ve seen and heard her being called on Twitter, Facebook and while out on the town.  Good upstanding adults that I have always respected and admired. Friends that I would consider to be examples and pillars in our community. People that should know better.

From what I saw, she danced provocatively and did some fairly suggestive “moves”. What I didn’t see was her having sex with anyone or anything. I didn’t see her make-out with multiple partners. I saw nothing that would earn her those titles.

I am in no way justifying her “behaviour”, as I don’t agree with it. What I am saying is that if we were all judged by what we do at any given moment, we’d all have some seriously scary titles hanging around our neck. Yes, we can be judged for our actions.  And in Miley’s case, she could be called a bad example, a terrible dancer and inappropriate for a younger audience. All of those things I think we can agree on as that is exactly what we saw. But did that make her a slut, No.

Her performance was actually an awesome learning experience at my house. My children all watched it and the first thing they said was “why would she do that, that’s so dumb, why can’t she just dance normal, etc.” In fact, they basically sat there with their mouth’s wide open and just stared in shock. They watched it, shook their heads and then went away.

Her performance and every other one that night did not change them or their character. They saw it for exactly what it was, a performance and nothing else. Thankfully they also saw my reaction and heard the words that I said, and not one of them was derogatory or ignorant.

Reality is, Miley Cyrus and all of her peers are not my children’s examples, I am.

We need to be more concerned about being the person that we want our children to be. Society, movie stars, singers and performers are not guiding my children, I am. I am their voice of reason. Their example. It is my words and actions that they copy. It is me that they look to for advice. I am responsible for developing their character and building them up. It is my morals that I hope they will hold true to their heart. It is my job to help them recognize truth from fiction and right from wrong.

If I’ve done my job well, the things they see and the words they hear will come second to mine. Don’t ever take your position as a parent AND a role model for granted. Your face is the one they see EVERY DAY.

So before you announce that a certain performer is a whore, maybe ask your kids what they would’ve done differently, had that been them on the stage. Or just say, “that’s too bad that she chose to act like that because she’s got a great voice”.  Choose your words carefully as your kids are listening, and watching and learning.

I want them to remember YOU, and not the person dancing around a stage.

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