Week Three & Not Eating Enough

Week Three is in the bag, and I’m still feeling strong and motivated. I’m staying on track and I’m not cheating BUT I have hit my first stumbling block, and I need to change it now.

I’m not eating enough. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still eating lots, but I’m not eating my daily required amounts of veggies. Mostly because I’m lazy, and I just don’t take the time to prepare. That and I’m not all that creative, or all that happy being in the kitchen. I actually have a tonne of good excuses, but frankly, that’s all they are. Excuses.

On Ideal Protein, I can eat as much lettuce as I want, so I eat a minimum of 2 big salads/day. What I also need to do is eat 2 cups of other veggies at lunch and then again at supper. I know it doesn’t seem like a lot, but ……. I find myself eating the same things, and I need variety. I don’t want to get bored or sad about what I’m eating, and what I’m no longer eating. This needs to be my forever way of eating, and not something that’s “just for now” while I lose weight.

So friends, who wants to help me? I need some food prep buddies, someone with some creativity and a willingness to put up with someone who is miserable in the kitchen. There’s quite a few veggies that I can’t eat, but there’s a TONNE of things I can. If you’ve got some great recipes or ideas, send them my way. I don’t like many veggies, but I’m willing to try new ones, once anyways. LOL. Also bear in mind, I can’t have any high sugar veggies and no dairy, but I still have a massive list of stuff to choose from. Who’s up for the challenge & wants to help me get out of my own way? I need you or you’s.

In spite of my sorta fail this week, I’m still getting better. Here’s what Week Three brought me and what went away.

~ People are starting to see changes & have commented that I look good. (Hello people, I always look good. Duh). 😉

~ I’m feeling different, as in my body and my skin move differently and I feel like a different person      inside my body. As usual, I’ll just say it’s all weird.

~ My clothes are fitting better. Not a new size, but fitting better.

~ The shooting pains in my arms and legs that I’ve been experiencing for the past couple of years          have basically stopped.

~ I lost 1.2 lbs and 2 more inches. Not lots, but I don’t care. Woot, Woot.

Now to give up the excuses and get myself into the kitchen. Gah.




  • JOIN ME.  I’m SO thankful for my coach, Suhas and his team at The Medicine Shoppe in Sherwood Park. They’re very encouraging, very supportive and have lots of great ideas and advice to share. They’ve also graciously made an offer for all of my friends that want to join me in this adventure. If you let them know that you read this blog and want to join my Dream Team of Losers (yes, I’ve given my little group a name), they’ll take 50% off of your registration costs. I’d LOVE to have some company and a listening ear for the not so good days that I’m sure will eventually show up. If you want more info, send me a message. Or reach out to the Coach here.


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