Losing Myself & Finding Me

Here you can follow my weight loss journey from week to week without having to wade through all my other posts, but if you want to wade, go ahead. ūüėČ Otherwise, just click on the titles and you’ll head straight to the posts.

I am following the Ideal Protein plan and you can link to my clinic and coach here:  Medicine Shoppe Sherwood Park


2017: The year of Losing, Living and Winning
Winning at Week One
Week Two. I hate celery.
Thanks Coach.
Week Three & Not Eating Enough
Week Four and Lessons Learned
Week Five. Ankles & Impossibilities
Week Six and Not enough Lettuce on the Mountain
Week Seven. I’m such a Loser.
Week Eight and Losing Faith
Week Nine: Hard to look ahead when you have No Vision
Week 10: Are you on my team or not?
Week Eleven, and Nothing to Say
Week 12 and Redefining the F-Word
Week 13 and the Happiest Turtle Ever
Weeks 14 and 15, and Getting in my Own Way
The Week 16 Woosh
Weeks 17 & 18. Game On.
Weeks 19 & 20 and Changing my Relationship with Food
Weeks 21, 22 and Losing my Will
Week 23 plus a Few & Still Hanging On
Week 24 and the things that are said to Fat People.
Week 25 and Just Trusting the Process.
Week 26 and a HUGE Reminder
Week 27 ‚Äď The Week of Results with Pictures.¬†Gah.
Week 28 – Finding Joy in the VEERRRYY Long Journey
Week 29 and Reclaiming the Power in Numbers
Week 30, 31 and The Big Nothing
Weeks 32, 33 and The Big Cheat
Weeks 34-40 – Giving In, Giving Up or Going On
Week 41 – The No Good, Awful, Horrible Week
Weeks 42 & 43. What is that Beeping??
Week 44. Not Reaching My Goal
Weeks 45-56. The Art of Losing Everything but Weight
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