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I suck at getting skinny …

…well, truth be told, I suck at taking care of myself. I’ve got great intentions, and a fine plan in place, but my follow through sucks. Really sucks.

I hate pretty much all vegetables and really like chips. I enjoy TV and playing on my computer a whole lot more than I like going for a walk. I forget to eat until I’m starving, and it’s usually midnight when I remember to eat something. I’ve got issues … big fat butt causing issues.

But, I’m willing to give this whole “get skinny healthy thing” one more try and I know that this time, it’s going to stick. I can feel it in my bones … that’s a good thing right?

I’ve already done some things this time that I’ve never done before, and I can say without question, they’ve put my head in a different place.

I let my husband take before pictures of me. Not in a bikini, because frankly that’s just all kinds of wrong but in shorts and a tank top. I can say without question, that sucked a lot. But I can also tell you when I saw the pictures, it was shocking. What I saw in the pictures is NOT AT ALL what I see when I look in a mirror. Not at all. Why is that exactly? Why don’t I see what pictures show? I don’t get it.

I let my husband take my measurements. And again, that sucked, a lot. But I did it, and there’s now an actual record of the “before me”.

I weighed myself, and did NOT share that with my husband. It is written down for posterity and thankfully I’m still 30lbs less than my start weight, but nowhere near where I got to before. So annoying.

I’ve set alarms in my cellphone to remind me to take my vitamins and medications that I continually forget to take and then question why I feel like crap all the time.

I’ve let my husband make me an exercise plan, and I’m actually doing it. I absolutely hate it, but I’m doing it. I’m hopeful that the “you’ll start to love exercise” feelings kick in a lot sooner than later, because I am SO not feeling them now.

Thankfully, my group weight loss challenge started today, which means I’ve got a huge support system in place. My heads in a great space, and I need to do this. I am going to do this.

Today is Day Number One. It’s the first day of something awesome.



*If you want to read more of my weight loss journey … check out “the road to skinny” section in this blog.

D is for Diet

Yep, that just about sums it up, and I don’t want to die, so I quit. No more Diets, no more thinking about diets, no more caring about diets. No more. Period.

When I had to give up my huge laundry list of foods because of allergies, I lost 50 pounds. That was the easiest 50 pounds that I’ve ever lost, but apparently that ship has sailed. I’m going to actually have to “do” something to keep the process going. Bummer.  Not sure exactly how I’ll do it, but I do know what I won’t be doing.

No more diet pills, diet drinks, “diets”, and or funky weight loss fads or workout gear. Unless of course, I could get one of these because that just looks like fun.

I’ve decided to just let go of all of that nonsense and start caring more about MYSELF. I know that I need to lose weight to be healthy and feel better, so that’s what I’m going to focus on. It’s no longer about what I look like or what people think about me or say. My story needs to be about me and no one else.

I’m just going to have to finally accept that losing one pound a week for the next year is better than losing no pounds at all. I’ve always had a hard time with looking  far into the future and being okay with how long my weight loss process will take. I want results now, and anything less than that feels like a waste of time and energy. I know how stupid that sounds, but when it comes to this particular issue, my head is a mess.

So today marks the beginning of “my story”. I know the difference between good food and bad food. I know that I need to drink more water than anything else. I know that I need to take vitamins. I know that food does not need to control me. For now, that is what I’m going to work on …. doing what I know. And that is good enough.

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