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2013 – The Year of Better

Change. That’s what this year is going to be about. I need a lot of change to occur in my world and I know that many of you are in the same place. Big changes, little changes. Outwardly apparent ones, and ones hidden deep within our heart. We don’t have to share them with each other or we can shout them off the rooftops as a declaration.  It is time to be true to our hearts and minds, and make this year count.

I don’t think this year should be like all of our other years of resolutions and goals. It needs to be about something bigger, something better. We are more than “someone who needs to lose weight, or should stop smoking or needs to give up coffee”. 2013 needs to be greater than that. I’m going to make this year count and push myself in ways that I’ve never done before. I am going to change, and I’m hoping that some of you will be joining me.

changeIf you’re wanting to hop on my train of change, my challenge to you is this …. Be the best YOU that you can be.

Take responsiblity for your words and actions. Remember that your words have the ability to lift someone up or knock them flat on their face. Choose words that make people think as opposed to putting them on the offensive. Picture yourself in their shoes and how it would feel to have the things you’re speaking, spoken over yourself.  Don’t think of yourself as a judge and jury, there’s enough condemnation in this world already. If someone shares something in confidence, honor that gift and shut your mouth. If you speak unkindly, apologize. If you’re mistreated or treated unfairly, take the high road and be the bigger person. Your “character” needs to be more important than your appearance or your social standing. Focus on what really matters.

Take care of your physical body. For some of us, that means we need to lose significant amounts of weight and make some huge changes in our lives. But for others, it means that we need to get off the couch and go for a walk. It’s time to eat better, and make healthy choices. It means getting enough sleep, and not living on coffee and energy drinks. We all know what we need to change to make our physical bodies better. Do that.

Guard your heart and mind. Do not be so quick to give “yourself” away to people who aren’t willing to do the same for you. Be a good friend, be helpful, be kind but be realistic. Don’t give people all your power and the ability to tear you down. You do not need to share every thought and feeling that you have with the whole world, unless you’re ready for the consequences and/or judgement that comes from that. Don’t use Facebook as a diary because frankly, many of your “friends” really don’t care all that much about “you”.

Accept that you don’t always need to be “right”. It’s okay to passionately believe in something or someone, just as it’s okay for others to believe the exact opposite. Different opinions are what keep our world turning, interesting and fun. People are going to hurt you. They’re going to question your beliefs, and ideas, your thoughts and your dreams. Sometimes it’s worth fighting for and other times, it’s not worth your time and energy. Watch for those moments and choose your response wisely. Sometimes being “right” means turning the other cheek and walking away. I would rather be known for being quiet, or full of grace than as a person screaming “I’m right” from the corner. I know my truths, and that’s good enough for me.

Be a living example of what you want the world to be. If you want bullying to stop, stop bullying other people. Quit laughing at inappropriate jokes and joining in on “harmless teasing”. If you want your children to be confident and kind … model that for them. Don’t talk about being fat or ugly or making hateful statements in their presence. If you want change to occur in your community, go out and volunteer or lend your voice. If you see someone who needs help, help them. Open doors for strangers, let people with smaller loads of groceries go in front of you in line. Shovel the neighbours sidewalk, help a senior citizen get to their vehicle safely. When someone cuts you off in traffic, smile and let it go. Buy some food for the food bank, even if it’s only a single box of macaroni. Small things make a huge difference in our world. Each simple act of kindness can spark a chain of wonderful and that is what our world needs now more than ever.

Honor the important people in your life. Don’t just talk about how much you love and appreciate the people around you. Show them. Be a helping hand or a listening ear whenever it’s needed. Don’t just show your love with gifts or money, share your time and energy. Be thoughtful. Be present. Recognize and honor your loved ones in the same way you want them to honor you. The people who you consider important enough to call your loved ones are special, don’t let pride or disagreements stop you from enjoying them.

Be what you say you are. If you’re someone’s best friend, act like that. Defend them and lift them up. If you’re in a relationship, honor that. Don’t share your partners shortcomings or faults with others. Try to be happy more often than angry or frustrated. If you’re a parent, be a parent, not a best friend. Our children need us to teach them, not treat them as equals. If you have a job, work diligently. You may hate it, but if that’s where you need to be right now, why not it approach with joy instead of dread. If you’re claiming to be christian, respond with grace and love and understanding. You are not God, stop trying to be him. Stop saying all the right things just to make you or your situation look better. Truth will always find a way, and if you’re hiding behind lies or bad will, you are not going to like the outcome.

As you can tell, a lot of my “changes” for the better involve “me” changing. It’s so easy to get caught up in blaming others for whats wrong in our lives, that we quite often forget to look in the mirror. I truly don’t believe that change can happen if we’re not willing to look at ourselves first. I’m not expecting you to compromise yourself, what you believe in or to take abuse of any kind. What I’m wanting you to do is … do better. When we change, the world will change around us.

I’m done expecting the world to make me happy or get better in spite of my choices or lack of motivation. I’m done with “waiting for something better” while continuing to do everything the exact same way that I’ve always done it. It starts with you. It starts with me. And that’s exactly where I’m starting. I am changing ME.


E is for Exercise

Yes, you may have noticed that there is a theme happening here and that I’m obviously at a place of change. Or wanting a change. Or something.

Letting go of baggage and giving up on dieting can only lead to one place and that’s exercise. Which I hate. With a passion. Which should actually be considered an F word as far as I’m concerned. (I actually considered saving this post for “Letter F Day”).

I hate it for many reasons and I’m going to share them with you. Please feel free to whine along with me as you read my list of excuses valid reasons.

1. I hate being hot. CANNOT STAND it. Makes me feel like crap, gives me a headache and flat-out makes me sick. I’ve felt this way my entire life.

2. I don’t like being outside. It’s either too hot or too cold. When the temperature is just right, there are bugs. And pollen. And weeds. And grass. And furry little animals. All of which make me itchy and sneezy. Mother Nature hates me.

3. I’m too out of shape to do a whole lot of anything, so whenever I try, I almost die. Like really die, laying on a sidewalk, can’t take a breath, heart pushing its way out of my chest die.

4. I look terrible in shorts and tank tops, and exercising in normal clothes gets too hot. (See excuse reason Number One).

5. It’s boring.

6. I truly am content and happy doing absolutely nothing. I have zero desire to go outside and enjoy the sun, or go out and explore the world and see the sights. I’ve tried to find that desire deep down inside of myself, but it’s just not there. Don’t know why, but it’s not.

7. I’m lazy.

8. I like TV, the internet, Twitter and Facebook much more than I like leaving it.

9. I cannot justify buying myself a gym membership, gym equipment or even a pair of running shoes for that matter.

10. I’m okay with being out of shape and unhealthy.

As I write all of my pathetic  reasons down, it makes me sad. How in the world does someone get to the place where they don’t give a whoopty-doo  about how they look or feel? How exactly does that happen? More importantly, how does someone change that?

I think that I’ve spent so many years being a Mom, a wife and a friend that I’ve forgotten about myself. My health has now taken me to a place of many limitations, and I’m almost being held hostage by things that I may never be able to change.  And that will be where my challenge begins … fighting through the thoughts in my head telling me that “you’re never going to get better”, “you can’t do this” and “just accept it”. I need to turn my “excuses” into motivators and turn my life around. Just the thought of that kinda makes me want to barf though.

So where do I begin? I’m thinking that it’s just going to start with one foot in front of the other. Faith and the promise of something better will have to be what pulls me along.  Who wants to join me?


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