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Week 25 and Just Trusting the Process.

This week, I had the privilege of speaking to a bunch of people who were considering starting the Ideal Protein journey. It was a good but weird experience for me as there I was, the fat girl, talking about a diet and how great I’m doing on it. It’s a strange thing having people consider you as being successful when you’re not exactly feeling that way yourself. But I do feel it, but I also don’t. Sigh.

This weightloss – get healthy – change your brain journey is a really hard thing to work your way through. Your head says one thing, your heart says another and your eyes looking at you in the mirror are seeing and most definitely saying something altogether different still. I do believe that I’m now at the place where I just need to press forward and not think. Or as my coach says, you just need to trust the process and protocol.

One of the questions that I wanted to answer when I was talking to everyone was “why”, why did I choose Ideal Protein for this journey. I have a tonne of reasons, like convenience, simplicity, taste, ease of use and help available. Now as I look at it, I stand by all of them, but I’m realizing that the most important part of all of this has been my coach and his coaching team. These people have helped me in ways that they’ll never understand. They’ve kept me healthy, got me back on track when I was sliding off, celebrated with me, consoled me, kicked me in the butt and made me laugh. The Ideal protein plan and food are great, but it’s the support and guidance that comes along with them that has made the difference for me.

I have no problem losing weight, but I have massive problems with changing me and keeping it off. This team of people is helping me get to the other side of myself which is so awesome, because I most certainly cannot do it on my own. I have weight “losses” of close to 400 pounds to verify that fact and I’m SO excited that this journey will be the final chapter in The Road to Skinny book series that I’ve been writing FOREVER.

I’m sure I’ve said that before, but until now, I’ve never really felt it. I’ve never felt like I could be anything but Fat April. I’ve had the will but not the hope, and it took a team of people to really help me feel it. Hope is such a beautiful thing as it brings strength and joy and a will that’s much stronger than my own and as much as I love Fat April, I’m so looking forward to just being April.

This truly has been a lifelong battle, and I know that I will always have to fight and be diligent but I now know that it is a battle that can be won.

And thankfully, there are protein chips for the journey.  🙂

What did this week bring me:

  • A yummy RECIPE that is pretty darned close to my beloved Iced Capps & Frappucinos. Hallelujah.
  • A victory in the laundry room. I’m no longer fearful of my clothes shrinking in the dryer but am now hoping and praying that they actually will.  🙂
  • A new found appreciation and love for my village. I truly have the best team.
  • A loss of 5.5 lbs.



If you’re considering joining me on this journey, the next info session will be held on October 11th. Yes, I will be there sharing again. Woot. Woot. If you have any questions, it’s the perfect time to come check it out. Sign up HERE.

Thanks Coach.

Today I had one of those moments that confirmed that I was on this journey with the right people, and I wanted to share.

I still spend a lot of time at the doctors office or in an emergency room as I’m still recovering from my 2 years of awful. I get checked out, prodded, poked, weighed and measured more times in one month than most people do in a year. Because of all those situations, I get told, A LOT, that I need to lose weight because that will miraculously make everything better. FYI. That’s a bunch of hooey & is nothing more than a canned response that is given to anyone that’s even slightly overweight. Which is wrong. (And yes I have the CT scans, Ultrasounds, MRI’s, and transfusion cards to dispute that “fat girl” diagnosis). But, I digress …..

Today, I had one of my regular appointments and I was actually congratulated by my doctor for making my decision to start Ideal Protein. He let me know that my Coach had sent him my lab work, along with a list of things that he was watching while I was on the program. He was impressed that he had been included, and looked forward to helping me on this journey, alongside my coach. He was excited that I was eating lots of good healthy food, and that my nutrition needs were being met and probably exceeded. He was happy to know that I wasn’t trying to starve myself and wasn’t just living on shakes. And most of all, he was pleased that I was being monitored and guided on this journey.

For me, it was nice being at a doctor’s appointment and not being made to feel fat and stupid as this isn’t about me losing weight. This is about me finding life and finding the right people to help me achieve just that. Life.

Thanks Coach for being on my team. And for taking me and my well being so seriously. I am grateful.

*I totally know that this sounds like an advertisement, but it isn’t. I am truly thankful to have a health professional that actually gives a rip about me, and if you knew what these last 2 years have done to me, you’d get it.  🙂  My Coach is Suhas who works alongside his team at The Medicine Shoppe in Sherwood Park. If you want to join me, you can reach out to the Coach here.



A little bit about ME.

Thanks to Tamara at FIERCE for thinking I was Fierce & Fascinating enough to be featured on her website. I’m truly honoured and grateful for being chosen.

I don’t like talking about myself, and keep getting asked to do just that, so hopefully this will answer some of your questions. Maybe I’ll get brave enough to answer more another day.

5 reasons April Wiens is someone you need in your Life 

(How’s that for a title … a little bit overwhelming to say the least).

I truly am a blessed woman and surrounded by amazing people. The friends that I’ve been blessed with have helped make me who I am. I hope to never, ever forget that.

i am who i am today picture